Wrapping up our fourth year…


On the heels of the Free Lakota Bank celebrating its fourth anniversary, it is time to share a few updates and points of interest…

Brave Eagle

It is with a sad heart that we observe the Wanagi Wicagluha (period of mourning) for our friend and much admired Oglala Lakota, Wanbli Ohitika (Brave Eagle), Russell Means. He was a great warrior and did much to increase awareness of the struggles faced by modern indigenous peoples especially the Lakota. He walks with Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and all of our great ancestors.

flb_tradingpostLakota Dollar Store

The Free Lakota Bank is partnering with the Pine Ridge community to build a new store on the reservation. We look forward to helping add jobs and vital resources on the reservation that might otherwise be lost to surrounding communities. Construction is expected to begin around the first of the year.

General Development Fund Interest Rates Lowering

As we celebrate reaching another milestone, we must soon end the promotional introductory interest rates for contracts available from our General Development Fund. These rates have been 1yr @ 3.25%, 2yrs @ 5.25% and 3yrs @ 7.25%. The new rates, as of January 1, 2013, will be 3.25%, 4.25% and 5.25% respectively. Take advantage of the current highly competitive introductory rates now by locking in your 1, 2 or 3 year contract. To do this, log into your account and look for the link above your account balance that says “Invest”. Clicking on that link will take you through the simple process of beginning to make your property work for you.

flb_coinsLakota Currency Now More Affordable

The rate of exchange for Lakota currency will soon be lowering which means that it will take less of your money to acquire ours. This has been made possible due to a successful investment which ensures that Lakota currency will be available to our future generations and all of our friends for many years to come.

A special thanks is deserved by those who have shared the news of Free Lakota Bank with their friends and family through videos, articles, blogs, postings on message boards, social media, etc. As you may not be aware, the Free Lakota Bank does not invest in a sizable marketing budget. These resources are targeted to ensuring we can offer better service to our account holders, better rates of return and maintain profitability. This means that most of our success is due to you! So, thanks for all you have done and continue to do to let the world know that they have an honest alternative.

Share Your Thoughts

New account holders, like any smart shoppers, look for what existing customers think of a product or service. That is why we would like to know what you think of how we are doing so we can share your thoughts with others who are looking for answers. If you have not shared your thoughts with us, whether it be about our industry-leading security features or the incomparable privacy you enjoy, let us know! We will use your comments to enlighten our new visitors and friends on how we are doing so far and what our work means to you.

Feel free to send your video, audio or written comments to us at: service@freelakotabank.com.

In the bigger picture, this institution is just beginning and we are glad to have you with us in this historic endeavor. Thanks for taking time to read our words and share our dreams.

Pilamaya (Lakota for ‘thank you’).
Free Lakota Bank

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