South Dakota Dept Press Release on Free Lakota Bank

ksfyThe Free Lakota Bank has been the subject of a press release by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations.

The sensational announcement, which was carried on the web site of television station KSFY of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is reprinted here in full:

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations is warning potential Free Lakota Bank customers that the bank is not licensed.

The Department of Labor and Regulation issued a news release Thursday stating Free Lakota Bank is not licensed, chartered or regulated by the Division of Banking. The bank also does not have FDIC insurance.

State Division of Banking Director Bret Afdahl says according to its website, the customer converts his or her money to silver and deposits the silver bullion with the bank. The bank pays the customer an interest rate in silver, and the customer withdraws his deposit in silver.

If the customer agrees for his deposit to be used in the Free Lakota Bank General Development Fund, the bank will make loans with it. If the customer does not agree, the bank charges a service fee in silver.

State Division of Banking Director Bret Afdahl says the bank lists its address as a post office box in Pine Ridge, but the bank has no physical presence in Pine Ridge.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that there’s anything illegal or unethical going on here. It just raises some red flags that there’s a chance of that and there’s no way to verify that— whether it’s operating in a safe and sound matter or not,” Afdahl said.

There is no publicly available information about the bank other than its website, so Afdahl says there is no other way to investigate the bank.

According to a news release from the Department of Labor and Regulation, the Division of Banking reached out to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and was told Free Lakota Bank is not licensed or connected to the tribe. The Division has also been unable to confirm Free Lakota Bank is a member of the Independent Community Bankers of America, as it claims on its website. A search of the Secretary of State’s corporate database shows no results for Free Lakota Bank.

Afdahl says consumers need to do some additional investigating before making a deposit with a company that isn’t regulated or insured. He says consumers should consider: who reconciles the account statements to the custodial statements and who is doing an independent audit of the institution.

“I encourage people to use caution and do their own due diligence before depositing anything with Free Lakota Bank,” Afdahl said.

We are happy to agree that we are an independent entity and take seriously our commitment to our depositors and partners on and off the reservation.

The Free Lakota Bank enjoys a healthy relationship with its friends and our on-going investment in the Pine Ridge community including the new store beginning construction on the reservation next month. We look forward to the launch of a new sustainability project with community leaders soon to be announced.

We also encourage those who are current account holders with the bank to share your opinions of the bank via the various social forums and web sites such as that of KSFY. You will find the story and comment section here.

While we may not spend a great deal of energy or resources to public relations, we will continue to focus on providing our account holders with the state of the art security and privacy they have grown to expect from us over the past four years and we will continue to provide resources to our community partners on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Pilamaya (Lakota for ‘thank you’).

Free Lakota Bank


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