Still Growing Strong

Flowers growing in cracked, sun-dried mudRecent media attention and public discussions have resulted in exciting growth for the Free Lakota Bank. We couldn’t be happier with the number of customers defending the concept of honest banking and sharing the information with their friends and family. Discussions on public forums have spurred an increase in visitors to the bank’s web site and resulted in a 48% increase in new account registrations and a 35% increase in new deposits!

We wish to thank EVERYONE who is buzzing about the Free Lakota Bank and the outpouring of support from around the world. As you know, we do not budget for high-profile marketing efforts or vain self-promotions. We rely primarily on word of mouth to carry forward the message of real value and it continues to be a source of pride that so many are interested and talking about us.

This of course means an increase in our ability to continue supporting the projects in which we are proudly involved and these continue to move forward and gain momentum. We have recently added new staff members and, in spite of the recent snows on the reservation which made traveling dificult, we are working hard to further improve our level of service and property security we are able to offer our clients. Stay tuned for news about the grand opening of the new building and a lot more exciting news from our projects on and off the reservation.

Your stories are inspiring and we continue to invite you to share with us what you find most valuable about the Free Lakota Bank and the move toward real value and wealth security. Drop us a line at and share your thoughts on the movement toward honest money and sovereign economics and we promise to keep you up to date on the latest news and events as they occur.

We are committed now more than ever to new levels of success and with your continued support we know we will achieve it.

Pilamaya (Lakota for ‘thank you’),

Free Lakota Bank

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