A New System of Banking

The Free Lakota Bank is the world’s first non-reserve, non-fractional bank that issues, accepts for deposit, and offers opportunities to invest REAL money…999 fine silver. All of our demand deposit holdings are fully reserved, meaning they can be withdrawn at any time in minted rounds.

In 2008, the Free Lakota Bank became the first bank to offer what has now come to be known as “Commodity Banking”. In this new banking system, value is stored in easy to monetize commodities as opposed to government-issued, controlled, inflated and deflated fiat currencies. Until recently, limited access to marketplaces and exchange systems rendered commodity currencies and banking systems impractical. Today, however, advancements in technology, communication and digital marketplaces have removed the barriers between the preservation of wealth and participation in simple trades.

The Lakota Nation believes that, given a choice and convenient access to deposits, most educated people will easily choose to bank with a full reserve commodity bank like the Free Lakota Bank.

The Free Lakota Bank is proud to be a founding member of the International Commodity Banking Association, whose role in the industry is to facilitate interbank transactions between its members.