Contribute to Lakota Prosperity

For many years, the Lakota People have suffered at the hands of our colonial oppressors. What has transpired is in the past and can not be undone. We know it is impossible to go back to our traditional Lakota way of life. In 2008, instead of continuing as the white man’s welfare servants, the Black Hills Treaty Council authorized the Strong Heart Warrior Society to engage a team of experts to launch the Free Lakota Bank and issue our own sovereign currency, minted in partnership with and based on the standards carried forward by the American Open Currency Standard. Instead of asking for donations and hand-outs, the Lakota people took ownership of our future by exercising our rights as sovereigns and launching a precious metals bank that has since spawned a revolution in the banking industry. Anyone can now create their own independent currency through the AOCS Authorized agency Sovereign Economics.

The Free & Independent Lakota Nation is growing at an exceptional rate, thanks in part to our vast natural resources and sovereign business foundation. We welcome you to be a part of our success while you help yourself at the same time. We do not need charity; instead, we seek partnerships with entrepreneurs that would like to enter into profitable business relationships. The Lakota Nation invites you to bring production to our lands to partner with us and create jobs and profitable exports. For more information on this, please contact us.

For those that would like to positively impact the lives of the Lakota people but do not wish to establish a business on Lakota land, we invite you to participate by establishing a contract with the Free Lakota Bank’s General Development Fund (GDF).

When you bank with Lakota, you can expect us to safeguard your property with our lives. We will defend it from theft by looting or force. We will charge you a fee for this service. When depositing, you may choose to specify a portion of your deposit to be used under contract by the bank’s General Development Fund. This fund is used to develop profitable free-market enterprise and make standard and micro-loans to free people. The GDF is how you can directly contribute to our success while simultaneously earning a return on your investment.