Introducing Lakota Silver Flex Savings account

New for 2014, the Free Lakota Bank is excited to offer Silver depositors a Flexible Savings Account option, similar to Demand Deposit account features but with the added bonus of an annualized interest payment of 1%, calculated on the average daily balance and returned to the same account on a monthly basis. Silver Flexible Savings […]

GDF Contract Rates increase for 2014

Due to a flurry of entrepreneurial activity both on the reservation and off, demand for capital from the Free Lakota Bank has sky-rocketed and has resulted in the increase of GDF interest rates to their original levels of 3.25, 5.25 and 7.25%, for 1, 2 and 3 year term contracts. Term contract rates were reduced […]

Retiring Crazy Horse coin…

After a 6-year run, the Lakota 1oz Crazy Horse medallion is retiring to pave way for our new Pine Ridge Silver community currency. The Crazy Horse was minted in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. To say goodbye, we’ve authorized two special editions: a “LAST STRIKE” series of 1000 2013 Silver coins that will […]

Aquaponics Training in Pine Ridge

Last month an introduction to the subject of self-sufficiency through the sustainable farming method known as “aquaponics” was delivered to the Pine Ridge community. The Free Lakota Bank sponsored the event which was free of charge to all attendees and was delivered by Colorado Aquaponics at Billy Mills Hall. Attendees learned the basics of creating […]

How Safe is Your Insurance?

Banking with a traditional banking institution carries with it the reassurance that one’s accounts are protected against loss by a government created insurer, namely the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This entity was established by the US government and began operations on January 1, 1934. Most states require that banks are government insured to be licensed […]

Still Growing Strong

Recent media attention and public discussions have resulted in exciting growth for the Free Lakota Bank. We couldn’t be happier with the number of customers defending the concept of honest banking and sharing the information with their friends and family. Discussions on public forums have spurred an increase in visitors to the bank’s web site […]

South Dakota Dept Press Release on Free Lakota Bank

The Free Lakota Bank has been the subject of a press release by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations. The sensational announcement, which was carried on the web site of television station KSFY of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is reprinted here in full: The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations is warning […]

Wrapping up our fourth year…

On the heels of the Free Lakota Bank celebrating its fourth anniversary, it is time to share a few updates and points of interest… Brave Eagle It is with a sad heart that we observe the Wanagi Wicagluha (period of mourning) for our friend and much admired Oglala Lakota, Wanbli Ohitika (Brave Eagle), Russell Means. […]

FLB Asks…What’s in Your Wallet?

Imagine meeting a group of people, all of whom have a strong distrust of America’s modern banking system. Ask the group a simple question: “What’s in your wallet?” The answer to this question is almost always the same. Some folks have a little cash. Probably none of them have any silver or gold. But chances […]

An Important Update from Lakota

Hoka hey! My name is Canupa Gluha Mani, and I am Ithanchan of the Free Lakota Bank, whip-man of the Black Hills Treaty Council, warrior of the Strong Heart Society and a proud member of the Lakota Oyate. In 2007, my colleagues and I traveled from the Pine Ridge reservation to Washington DC, declaring our […]